Pre-Mixing Systems

When producing modified bitumen coating compounds, priority must be devoted to maintaining consistent compound quality. It is also important to reduce the mixing time, the energy required for the mixing process and the reduction of harmful fumes being released into the environment.

The Reichel & Drews premixing system solves these problems and addresses the requirements of high quality modified bitumen coating compound production. At the heart of our premixing system is our proprietary premixing nozzle that ensures 100% of the modifier and bitumen have passed thru the homogenizer. There are no sediments of modifier remaining in the mixer.

Modifier and bitumen are introduced into the pre-mix nozzle at controlled rates. The modifier pallets that have not yet been melted pass thru the homogenizer thus maximizing the shearing effect and assuring a complete homogenized mix of modifier and bitumen once introduced to the vertical mixer.

Reichel & Drews Premixing

Reichel & Drews Premixing

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