Core Inserters

The innovative design of the Reichel & Drews automated core inserter provides fast, easy, trouble free operation core after core.

The system was developed by our world class product development team for inserting cardboard cores into wound rolls of modified bitumen membrane material as they are ejected off the winder mandrel. The unit is designed to make only two movements, this proven core inserter is easy to program, troubleshoot and maintain.

An automatic core feeder is available as an option. With the automatic core feeder, a pallet containing cores that are in the horizontal position is loaded into the machine. The core feeder extracts one layer of cores at a time from the top of the pallet stack and transfers them to the core inserter claws. The core inserter claws hold one core at a time for the core skewer to pickup. As the pallet is emptied a signal is given to the operator warning him that the pallet is empty and needs to be replaced.

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