Modified Membrane Production Systems

Versatile Production Capability for High Quality Product and Maximum Productivity

  • Standard available line speeds of 20 to 100 m/min
  • Mop, torch, self-adhering membranes
  • APP, SBS, SAM including multiple compound combinations
  • Up to 6mm finished product thickness

The all new modified membrane production technology from Reichel & Drews is the ideal combination of advanced process controls, drive technology, membrane temperature control, production equipment, a compound mixing system and packaging equipment.

The integrated controls and drives design and configuration minimize tension to the membrane. The entire line is designed to sustain accurate temperature control of the compound throughout the process. This is critical for maintaining the integrity of the membrane and consistent operation of the production line.

Reichel & Drews Modified Membrane Production Systems

Reichel & Drews Modified Membrane Production Systems

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