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Maintenance & Repair


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Your equipment is our business. Should you ever need expert assistance for maintenance and repair of your roofing equipment, our team of technical engineers can get you up and running fast.
More importantly, we know roofing material manufacturing is a global, round-the-clock business. Reichel & Drews maintenance and repair services are available to keep your equipment running for decades to come. We have developed an infrastructure to support resolve technical difficulties, provide quick access to technical information and deliver vital parts and services when and where they’re needed.
Even more, one of the best uses for Reichel & Drews service expertise on the equipment in which you have invested is to assist you in the planning and supervision of significant service. By managing the function in this manner, you realize the savings associated with using plant personnel or economical local contractors, but benefit by having the OEM expert managing the team. Best of all you free up your own maintenance and repair operations team for other work.

Offering a full range of Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Engineering Studies
  • Cutting Cylinder Wear Evaluation
  • Knife Life Analysis
  • General Maintenance
  • Equipment Tune-Up
  • Upgrade Integration
  • Equipment Performance Wear Analysis
  • Six Sigma Team Support and Multi-Plant Evaluation
  • Controls and Drives Evaluation and Optimization
  • Process and Control Logic Support
  • Equipment Maintenance Program Review
  • Spare Parts Inventory Evaluation

Field Service Representatives

At the forefront of the Reichel & Drews support team are field service representatives with expertise across all machines and roofing manufacturing processes. Our massive global footprint in every corner of the world has provided highly qualified and experienced representatives to ensure you receive the most assistance for your equipment. They are dedicated to helping customers keep their production equipment in safe and profitable service, provide timely maintenance and repairs, on-site technical advice and help assure smooth commissioning of new and upgraded equipment.
As a result, these field service representatives can marshal the full resources of Reichel & Drews. This includes the in-depth expertise of controls and mechanical engineering specialists. Service engineers focus on preventing and resolving in-service technical problems.