Model SLB-1500 Scissors Lift

The Reichel & Drews Model SLB-1500 Scissors lift has been completely redesigned for reliability and long service life. The Model SLB-1500 is the most productive, reliable and safe direct replacement for the scissors lift(s) you operate currently and is designed to accommodate your existing shuttle.

Productivity features incorporated into the scissors lift allow production rates up to 40 bundles per minute with weights up to 2,800 lbs. per minute.

A heavy-duty support structure, table and floor mounting, and a 21-1/2 inch wide scissors provide excellent stability and reliability. The cylinder has been positioned at twenty degrees for more capacity at less working pressure. This means long service life under the most demanding loads. A consistent, reliable proportional valve provides a gentle but fast downstroke.

Critical to this re-designed scissors lift is safety. The deceleration system not only provides smoother stops, reduced hydraulic shock and longer scissors component life, but it prevents the unit from any uncontrolled descent.

In short, Reichel & Drews attention to detail in the engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of the Model SLB-1500 Scissors Lift will provide you with the most productive, reliable and high value lifting system available to the industry.

Reichel & Drews Model SL20-06 Scissors Lift

Reichel & Drews Model SLB-1500 Scissors Lift


  • 5,000 ibs @ 1,800 PSI maximum lifting capacity
  • 1,500 PSI normal operating pressure
  • Higher lifting force in the lowered position
  • Platform and base of welded structural steel and tubing construction with 1-1/4″ thick carbon steel legs
  • Twin 4″ bore NFPA hydraulic cylinders, for low pressure operation and superior stability
  • Spherical, heavity-duty, lubricated, flange mounted center pivot bearing on 2 15/16″ through shaft
  • Spherical bearings on pivots of fixed legs
  • 3″ diameter, lubricated, high capacity cam follwers on moving legs
  • Hardened, replaceable wear strips for top and bottom cam followers
  • Readily available replacement parts
  • Designed to fit existing area with easy installation of conveyor components
  • Installation instructions

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