As a roof is viewed from different angles, and/or under different lighting conditions, certain areas may appear darker or light. This inconsistency in color is commonly called shading.

Shading usually results from slight variations in texture that normally occurs during shingle production. The variations necessary to cause shading with black, or other dark colors, are so slight that they cannot be detected during the manufacturing process.

When light is reflected from a given roof, its appearance will vary as the viewer walks past the building. The impact will depend on the position of the sun and the overall light intensity. When the sun is directly overhead, the shading may disappear.

Shading is most frequently a problem in the case of black and other dark colored shingles. Since only a small amount of light is reflected from a dark surface, even the slightest difference in shingle texture may cause a problem.

In the case of white and other light colored shingles, the total amount of light reflected is considerably greater. This results in a decrease in observable shading differences.

Blends, made of a variety of colors, tend to camouflage this effect, and make observable difference even less noticeable. Lighter blends will reduce shading more effectively than darker blends.

The Reichel & Drews Blended Granule Pattern Application is used to apply a blended, repeating pattern of high quality colored granules to the areas of the shingle sheet material that will be exposed once the shingles are installed on a roof. In conjunction with the application of colored granules the Applicator also applies a lower cost single color granule (typically black) to the head lap area of the shingle that is not exposed. This process of granule blending helps to eliminate problems with shading typically encountered with single color granule applications and optimizes the use of high cost and low cost granules.

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Reichel & Drews Blender

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Reichel & Drews Blended Granule Applicator