Shingle Bundle Palletizers

Achieve Greater Productivity with the All New Model BP20-05 Automatic Bundle Palletizing System

We’ve Taken Palletizers to a Whole New Level

This completely re-engineered well-designed palletizer that runs consistently is critical to overall productivity and profitability.

The Most Durable Palletizer Ever Built

  • An oversized all-structural-steel tube frame is designed for today’s high cycle rates
  • Increased shaft, bearing, chain and drive sizes
  • An enhanced and upgraded Reichel & Drews design scissors lifting system – 10,000 lb capacity with an integrated hydraulics package

Reliable and Consistent

  • Integrated controls and servos throughout to promote reliable operation and gentle bundle handling which will maintain packaging integrity
  • Optimized belt tracking and tension systems throughout
  • Commonality of parts so the investment in spare parts is lower and maintnenance is faster and easier


  • Lower pricing for accelerated return on investment
  • Pre-wired and pre-piped for reduced installation costs

Lower operating and maintenance costs than ever before


Reichel & Drews Shingle Bundle Palletizer

Reichel & Drews Shingle Bundle Palletizer

Learn more about: Model SL20-06 Scissors Lift

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