Performance and Line Audit

Audit Review

Have one of our experts come to your location to help troubleshoot an issue, evaluate your line or make recommendations for improvement.

Our audits can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve equipment reliability, gain additional spare parts life, as well as provide further education about your equipment.



Audit Process

  • As an OEM expert, one of our team members will be at your location
  • We will work with an individual from your team to review and analyze the issue
  • A meeting the following day with the findings of our audit
    • Optional 2nd day for further investigation if required
  • Final deliverable within 10 business days

PricePerformance and Line Audit

  • Includes all travel expenses and hours
    • 1.5 days onsite
  • Comprehensive report

$3500 North America / $5000 International


  • Audit report
  • Analysis
  • Budgetary cost to remedy issue

Our Past Work

  • Increased life of cutting knives by redistributing sand in the sand application hopper, allowing all lanes of knives to wear evenly
  • Evaluated cutter and cutting cylinder which resulted in doubling knife life
  • Improved blender performance and reduction in customer’s raw material costs by lowering colored granules
  • Increased line drives performance with reduced tension control

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