Enhance the efficiency of your older equipment with various upgrades and re-fitting of your shingle production equipment with innovations that will lead to faster throughput and more precise shingles. You’ll save time and money by improving the process, increasing productivity, and reducing waste.
See all of our equipment upgrades below.

Position Lock Upgrades

One of our newest upgrades designed to “lock” the cutting cylinder bearing housings in position to maintain the desired gaping of the carbide knives to the carbide anvil rings.
When the cutting cylinder knife gap is set to the anvil core, the cutting cylinder bearing housings can be “locked” into position through adjustment of the screws/hex nuts. The capability to keep the cutting cylinder knives at the desired gap to the anvil core reduces the likelihood of cutting cylinder movement. This in turn increases the life expectancy of the knife set by minimizing chipping/breakage. The bearing support plate is bolted to the bearing housing using two socket head cap screws to keep the screw assembly and the gearbox assembly connected.

Linear Bearing Upgrade

The Linear Bearing/Rail Upgrade is for your palletizer shuttle. This system is designed with linear bearings and rails that with proper set-up and maintenance procedures are rated for over 7,000 hours of operation, which will improve reliability and reduce maintenance in this area of your palletizer.
Liner Bearing/ Rail Upgrade includes:
Each bearing is rated for dynamic load of 62,000 N

Coater Roll Insertion Heater Upgrade

Make your process safer, less costly and more efficient with Reichel & Drews Coater Roll Insertion Heater Upgrade. Instead of using hot oil, switch to electrically-heated rolls. A small control panel will deliver the heat that you choose per a recipe-driven menu. Each heater is then automatically controlled to your exact setting.

Hydraulic Carriage Raising Upgrade

The Hydraulic Carriage Raising Upgrade is an independent component manufactured to replace a problematic carriage wedge block jacking system. By upgrading to the hydraulic carriage raising system, it will add years of service and provide painless operation and minimize your current operating and maintenance costs.

Model SLB-1500 Scissor Lift

The Model SLB-1500 is built for optimal productivity, reliability, and safety as a direct replacement for the current scissor lift(s) in your operation line and is also designed to assist your existing shuttle. Productivity features incorporated into the scissors lift allow significant production rates increases.

A heavy-duty support structure, table and floor mounting, and a 21-1/2 inch-wide scissors provide excellent stability and reliability. The cylinder has been positioned at twenty degrees for more capacity at less working pressure. This means long service life under the most demanding loads. A consistent, reliable proportional valve provides a gentle but fast downstroke.

The deceleration system not only provides smoother stops, reduced hydraulic shock and longer scissors component life, but it prevents the unit from any uncontrolled descent.

Servo Conversion for Shuttle

Driven Shuttle Upgrade
This servo conversion brings modernizes your shuttle increases control of your processes – all at your fingertips. With recipes for numerous applications, you’ll have the ability to fine-tune your shuttle speeds that your production demands. You’ll benefit from increased production time, reduced maintenance costs, and improved control-ability.

Shuttle Lift Deceleration System Upgrad

For Shingle Palletizer
To reduce maintenance, increase reliability and provide safer operation, we offer a direct replacement upgrade for older deceleration valve configurations.