Coating Box


The Reichel & Drews Coating Box Module is an advanced engineered coating application system that utilizes an electrically heated application box having no continuously rotating or moving parts. Compound flows from the box under the consistent influences of gravity.
The applied thickness of compound is precisely controlled by the gap set between the bottom of the coating box and the application surface, which is precisely located by the drive wedges and linear transducers on either side of the coating box.
For a single layer membrane, the coating compound is precisely applied by a single coating module onto a high temperature siliconized release film, fully supported and cooled on a stainless-steel cooling belt. Integrating additional coating modules can produce products having multiple layers of coating. Additional layers can be applied either to the top of a previously applied coating or sandwiched in between other layers of film.
The coating module consists of a precision manufactured coating application box mounted on the frame of the cooling belt. It applies a layer of formulated bitumen coating directly onto a support material such as film or paper that is being carried by the cooling belt.