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Carrierless Membrane Production

Web Delivery System


The Web Delivery System consists of:
PULL ROLL:  S-Wrap Pull Roll Unit is designed to extract membrane from accumulator consists of the following:
          – (2) Rolls driven together by a serpentine timing belt arrangement
SHOCK ROLL (Servo Driven): The Shock Roll unit consists of a driven carriage assembly and a dancer roll assembly.  The unit is intended to prevent a shock wave originating from the starting and stopping of the winding cycle to propagate to the finished product accumulator.  Deviations in wound roll length are minimized by limiting the influence of such a shock wave.
DANCER: Shock absorbing dancing roll to absorb momentary shock at start of wind cycle and to maintain sheet tension at end of wind cycle.
MEMBRANE GUIDE: An electrically adjusted web guide system with two (2), 254 mm (10″) diameter rolls to perfectly align the membrane prior to entering the winder.