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Shingle Production



Sheet Support Assembly: Support plate is inclined up toward the coating rolls. This arrangement makes it possible for the sheet to slightly wrap the lower coating roll, enhancing contact with the lower roll across the entire width of the sheet.
Top Coating Station: Rolls are electric heated heat and are mounted in fabricated structural steel stands.
Fine adjustments can be made on both scrapers with the micro-adjusting screws on the scraper blade holders.
Back Coating Station: Chrome plated roll with electric heating rod. Back coating roll has an adjustable, bronze scraper and an asphalt puddle bar on the exit side.
Heated Sheet Scraper: Manually adjustable, electrically heated, sheet scraper installed after the back coating roll. Scraper is mounted in fabricated structural steel stands and has rotational adjustment through a lockable handle.
Coating Pan: A wide fabricated two-compartment steel pan with internal weir for level control at the back coating section. The compartments are designed for individual oil heating and have thermal wells for Buyer’s thermocouples.
The gap between the upper & lower coater rolls is driven by AC vector or servo motor to provide adjustment for achieving the desired thickness of asphalt. The motors receive a position signal from the Beta gauge for raising and lowering.


  • Electrically heated rolls for safer operation and better temperature control
  • Minimally sized coating tanks for better compound temperature stability and easier cleanout
  • Remote calendar and scraper adjustment provide greater accuracy and safer operation
  • Angled sheet support plate at top coating application zone stabilizes reinforcement for coating application
  • Rolls driven by independent drive motors for greater process control
  • Heated top curtain coating distribution application pan for even application of top coating onto reinforcement to reduce sheet tension and improve coating thickness quality
  • Rolls driven by independent drive motors for greater process control
  • Remote operator interface for safe operation
  • Process data collection and display
  • Precision Servo Driven Calendar and Scraper Adjustment provide greater coating accuracy, consistency, and safer operation.