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Shingle Production



Quick-change Drop Hoppers. Rolls have thick chrome plating on the face. Each hopper incorporates an adjustable slide gate.
The clean-out auger is used to remove remaining granules after the new color has started dropping onto the sheet. Color change can be made without stopping the production line.
Adjustable Slide Gates: The adjustable slide gate shafts are connected to lever arms. The lever arms in turn are linked together and connected to a linear actuator.
Blender Shifting Mechanism: Pneumatic cylinders shift the complete upper hopper during a color change.
Continuous and Auxiliary Backfall Hoppers: The continuous drop hopper is used during color change to allow the operator to clear the Back-fall hopper of the old color and fill it with the new color. A screen mounted on top of the hopper helps to filter out any large contaminants that may try to enter.


  • Segmented fluted applicator rolls
  • Individual servo motors on each blend drop roll
  • Individual AC motors on each clean out screw
  • Automated clean out shift plate
  • Full width and segmented ceramic coated fluted applicator rolls
  • Quick change distribution hoppers for efficient product change
  • Remote operation of all automated features for safer more accurate control
  • Servo driven gate actuator for drop hoppers
  • Servo driven back fall hopper gate actuator
  • Air actuator on backfall hopper clean out
  • Available quick disconnect feature for fast interchanging of blenders. Control and drive cables can be quickly unplugged, and the entire blender rolled onto a supplied transport cart.
  • Granule delivery manifold located above blender to reduce the number of granule supply lines. Manifold distributes blended granules to appropriate compartments from a single supply hose, thus reducing the number of hoses and freeing up space above the blender for better accessibility.