Pattern Cutter


Shingle cutting is the final step of the shingle manufacturing process and the results are clearly visible to your customers. Reichel & Drews provides you with cutting cylinders that produce the shingles your customers want.
Reichel & Drews engineering and manufacturing expertise continue to meet the quality and performance requirements demanded by manufacturers of asphalt shingles. Our use of CNC equipment and rigorous controls and checks ensure that your new cutting cylinders perform at peak capacity and improve your productivity. Reichel & Drews cutting cylinders meet not only our strict internal quality standards, but also pass the final inspection – yours!

A new Reichel & Drews cutting cylinder will increase the life of shingle knives and improve your finished product. Older, worn cutting cylinders result in shingle knives that are seated unevenly (reduced knife life) and at incorrect angles (finished shingle dimensional problems), requiring additional maintenance and costs. With a new Reichel & Drews cutting cylinder you get increased productivity, less time changing cutting cylinders in the shingle cutter and, best of all, reduced costs!

Throughout the history of asphalt shingles, Reichel & Drews has designed and manufactured cutting cylinders to cut hundreds of different shingle patterns, offering cutting cylinders for shingle configurations of all types.