Bundle Palletizer


For decades, Reichel & Drews has been the leading designer of palletizing systems for the roofing industry. Engineered to provide a solution that delivers constant uptime coupled with low maintenance demands. Featuring servo-driven articulated functions, optimized belt tracking and tension systems, and a high-volume scissor lifting system with an integrated hydraulics package, the Reichel & Drews palletizing system drives your production rate to unmatched levels.
Shuttle Conveyor: The Reichel & Drews shuttle conveyor utilizes an Allen Bradley servo drive to transfer bundles to the pallet. The servo provides maximum adjustment controls, eliminating the jerking associated with traditional air cylinders and ensuring a smooth transition onto the pallet. The powered conveyor has a programmable stroke length of 40” to 50”, and there is a top accessible belt take-up for the conveyor belts, allowing the drive belt to be changed without needing to remove the bearings and shafts.
Our Powered Shuttle Nose with driven belts gently transfers bundles onto the pallet while the hydraulically operated heavy duty scissor lift quickly and smoothly raises the shuttle to the correct height for bundle transfer. The pallet does not move during load building, resulting in superior load stability and increased operator safety. The squaring of bundled layers is accomplished with two air cylinders mounted to the fixed shuttle frame.