Pattern Cutter


When you are looking to perform at unmatched production speeds, our pattern cutters have been proven to exceed all expectations by consistently delivering precise cutting accuracy at speeds in excess of 1000 FPM.
Pattern Cutting Carriage: Flanged roller mounted carriage with massive 2″ steel end plates and structural steel cross members. Air atomized spray unit for cutting cylinder ensure clean pattern cut.
The hydraulic elevating mechanism is used for positioning carriages in shingle cutter frame. The cutting cylinder is raised and lowered using a worm gear system into a cross-pin locating arrangement for repetitive and precise positioning
Pattern Cutting Cylinder: We can provide you with a new cutting cylinder that will produce the precision cut shingles your customers expect.
We design and manufacture hundreds of custom cutting cylinders each year. We can create cutting cylinders to accommodate any shingle configuration type,
We specialize in cutting cylinders for asphalt shingles of any complexity, size and shape. Our in-house precision CNC machining on a forged steel core will provide you with top quality cutting cylinders of superior strength, longevity and toughness.